Spectrum Cutting Metal Machine

Closed cutting room
Lower noise
Little pollution
Safe and easy operation

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Product Details

spectrum cutting metal machine G-140

spectrum cutting metal machine G-140 technical parameters:


motor power(KW)


Rotation speed


Cutting speed


The cutting diameter of the sample(max)

Ф 140mm

Grinding wheel specifications(mm)

Out diameter:400mm
inner hole:32mm




Hydraulic clamping and feeding

Properties of spectrum cutting metal machine G-140:

Structural simplification and reducing of equipment parts caused a lighter weight. The grinding wheel is in a closed room and connected with dedusting passage, in this way to reduce noise and eliminate pollution. It will be much safer, too. Clamping device is simplified and easy to operate. 

Application of spectrum cutting metal machine G-140:

This spectrum cutting metal machine G-140 is mainly used for spectrum analysis and fast cutting cylinder, rectangle and sample. It is widely used in fast cutting industry such as metallurgy, iron and steel, casting, non-ferrous metal and so on. Advanced structure, easy and safe operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable dedusting and durable.

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