Spectrum Automatic Vertical Band Saw Machine

Spectrum Automatic Vertical Band Saw Machine

A new type of spectrum cutting machine for spectrum analyzer
The protection cover to ensure safe operation
Replace the grinding wheel with band saw blade to reduce noise and pollution

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This is a new type of cutting machine tool for cutting samples for the spectrum analyzer. 

Technical parameters of Spectrum automatic vertical band saw machine:

Cutting ability(mm): Round 150mm   Square W150xH150mm 

Blade size(mm):2580*27*0.9 

Blade tension method: hydraulic 

Main transmission: worm gear 

Main motor: 1.5KW 

Hydraulic motor: 0.75KW 

Coolant motor: 0.4KW 

Work piece clamping method: hydraulic automatic 

Dimension:(mm) 780Lx820Wx1800H

left side of the spectrum vertical bandsaw.jpg

The advantage of the Spectrum automatic vertical band saw machine compared with the spectrum cutting machine:

A.The old spectrum cutting machine use grinding wheel, but our new spectrum cutting bandsaw use bimetal band saw blade, it will be less noise and pollution, and it will be much safer. 

B.The new spectrum cutting band saw machine use PLC control system to achieve automatic cutting, clamping and loosening. It will be more convenient and safer to get the spectrum samples.

C.The cutting surface will be more smoothly than before.

D.Hydraulic clamping method for workpiece with two clamping vice, will be more easy to fix the workpiece.

clamping vice.JPG

E.With beautiful cover, the Spectrum automatic vertical band saw machine represent high-end technology spectrum cutting machine tool.

right side of the automatic spectrum vertical bandsaw.jpg

It is widely used in laboratory for making samples. It can be cut as soon as the blade touch the workpiece, no matter what shape, such as pipe, tube, rod, angle steel, H steel and other irregular shape, no matter steel, alloy, plastic, wood, leather and cloth, all can be cut perfectly. 

If you need a cutting machine to make samples for your spectrum analyzer, this Spectrum automatic vertical band saw machine is your ideal choice.

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