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 Solid Strength 

In the past twenty years, Jinfeng sawing industry has provided much wider range of sawing programmes for cutting wood, metal and special materials for the customers at home and abroad. We have provided high-end band sawing machines for  Chengdu Xiling, Jinzhou Rail Vehicles, Shougang Mining, Henan Zhongfu Industry, Sinoship Hitachi, Kowloon group, Nanyang Feilong, Weifang Special Steel, Chinalco (Shandong Huayu), Dingxi high strength fasteners, Shanxi Suide Zhenmeng Magnesium Alloy, Shandong Shenyu Machinery, Lifeng Marine Engineering (Shenzhen), Shandong Xiaoya Group, Shijiazhuang Zhongbo automobile, Dachang Shougang Electromechanical, Ji'nan Military Region, Russian Kazan eletromechanical manufacturing, India Mumbai textile machinery manufacturing sand other large customers. The double blades band sawing machine specially used for cutting train center rod, three blades band sawing machine specially used for cutting automobile exhaust manifold, sliced cutting plastic foam, specially used for cutting risers and large pulley vertical band sawing machine etc. Which were researched and developed by our own are favored by our customers. 

Perfect sawing, superior quality, command public respect and support, Extremely prestigious.


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