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How tooth breaking happen when you use a band sawing machine?
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mechanical cutting equipment with independent developing designing and manufacturing ability. Our Jinfeng series band sawing machine including double column band saw, angle cutting band saw machine, cnc band saw cutting machine, vertical band sawing machine and custom special band sawing machine. 

Today we will share something about how tooth breaking happened when you use a band sawing machine.

The reasons for tooth breaking:

1.Non clamping of the workpiece.

2.Too big feeding for the band saw blades.

3.Too big band saw blades gear worm of band sawing machine.

4.Unstable feeding.

5.Not straight band saw blade joints and fierce beating.

How to avoid the tooth breaking of the band sawing machine?

1.Clamp the workpiece tightly.

2.Turn down the feeding of the blades.

3.Choose a small gear worm.

4.Check the speed control valve and rising cylinder of the metal cutting band saw.

5.Re-weld the band saw blades.

No matter what brand of metal cutting band saw machine you choose, you can contact us to solve your problem, we will be happy to help you all the time.

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