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Type Of Sawing Machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

According to the technical requirements, it is divided into two kinds of log band saw machine and split band saw machine. The log band saw machine is the main saw of the strip mill. It is used for cutting the raw wood and cutting the square material of the cutting board. Usually, a running car band saw or a double log band saw machine are used. The sawing wheel is 1067~1829 mm in diameter and up to 3658 millimeters. On the usual single sawsaw machine, the car is used for intermittent sawing, while the double saw saw can improve the working efficiency by 30%. The driving of the sports car mainly includes 3 kinds of stepless speed transmission modes, such as friction wheel rope, SCR rectifier DC motor, hydraulic motor and so on. Double band sawing machine with continuous feeding mechanism of chain conveyor, arrive arm etc..

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