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The Function Of The System With The Sawing Machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

The system function of band sawing machine is the hydraulic circuit composed of pump, valve, oil cylinder, fuel tank, pipeline and other auxiliary parts, and the lifting and clamping of the saw beam under electric control. The stepless speed regulation of the feed speed can be carried out through the speed regulating valve to meet the needs of the sawing of different materials. The electrical control system is composed of electrical box, control box, junction box, travel switch, electromagnet and so on. It is used to control the rotation of saw blades, the lifting of saw beams and the clamping of workpieces, so as to achieve normal cutting cycle according to certain working procedures. The lubrication system must be lubricated according to the lubrication part of the machine (steel wire brush shaft, worm gear box, active bearing seat, worm bearing, lifting oil cylinder upper and lower shaft, movable vice clamp sliding surface clamping rod). Worm and worm worm gear box with 30 oil bath lubrication, injected by the upper part of the worm gear box oil jack box Xian with surface oil standard, when the saw beam in the lowest position, the oil level should be located between the upper and lower bounds of the oil standard. After a month, oil should be changed, and oil will be changed 1 times every 3-6 months. The bottom part of the worm gear box is equipped with an oil drain plug and saw blade tensioning mechanism, which is responsible for tightening the saw blade. The tightening force of the saw blade must be strictly controlled in use. Optional function: extended blade hydraulic tensioning machine, sawdust chip (hydraulic / electric), intermediate (intermediate sawing blade), three clamping mechanism, automatic feeding mechanism, automatic feeding mechanism 

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