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The Development Trend Of The Gold Cutting Sawing Machine Is Numerical Control And High Efficiency
- Mar 23, 2018 -

The traditional metal sawing is often considered to be a simple cutting off process. With the development of modern manufacturing industry in the direction of high efficiency, high precision and economy, sawing is the starting point of gold cutting. It has become an important part of parts processing. Sawing can save materials, reduce two processing capacity and increase production efficiency, so sawing machines, especially automatic saw machines, have been widely applied in various fields of national economy, such as steel, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petroleum, mining and aerospace.

The sawing machine gradually dominates

Hacksawing machine, circular sawing machine and sawing machine sawing machine is the three main forms, which has replaced the traditional arch band sawing machine sawing machine and circular sawing machine and began to dominate.

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