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Sawing Parameters With Saw Blade
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Saw speed: the speed of the sawing is determined by the type of material, the width of the material and the pulling force of the saw band. The harder material must be with a lower band speed; the smaller width must be faster with the speed of the saw.

The pressure and feed rate of the saw belt: the pressure and feed rate of the saw band are determined by the type of material and the width of the material. Larger material and larger material should be used for larger pressure and feed rate. For soft materials and smaller widths, smaller pressure and feed rate should be used.

Contour sawing: Please select the most suitable type of saw blade according to the sawing material you need, then select the width of the saw blade according to the minimum radian (radius) of the sawing material you need. The smaller the radii (radii), the narrower the width of the saw blade.

Saw tension: before sawing with a new saw, the tension should be checked first. If necessary, tighten it after a small amount of sawing.

Band saw orientation: the cutting precision depends on the setting of the guide device with the saw blade: the closer the device is, the higher the cutting precision.

Cooling and lubrication: most of the metal sawing process, cooling and lubrication is indispensable. For cast iron, brass, and some nonmetallic materials, such as plastic and graphite, it can or do not have to be lubricated during processing.

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