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Problem Analysis Of CNC Band Sawing Machine
- Dec 01, 2018 -

Jinfeng Sawing Industry has been devoting itself to the research and development of band sawing machine, CNC sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine and bimetal band saw blade for about twenty years. The products are stable, safe and reliable. But in daily using, CNC sawing machine is affected by external factors, there will always be various problems, then what are the reasons?

First. Reasons for the inaccuracy of material size of CNC sawing machine:

The material size of CNC saw machine is not accurate, which is determined by how to feed positioning. Servo feed positioning, grating ruler positioning or limit switch positioning will affect the material size of CNC saw machine.

Second. Reasons affecting feeding accuracy of CNC sawing machine:

For CNC band sawing machine, according to the change of pressure, the change of hydraulic oil temperature and the lag of solenoid valve and relay, the feeding accuracy of CNC sawing machine is affected, so the cutting accuracy is poor and the consistency of batch cutting is not good.

Third. Reasons for band saw blade breakage of CNC band sawing machine:

1. The wear of the guide block causes the wear of the back of the saw blade, which causes cracks in the back of the saw blade of the CNC saw machine and leads to blade breakage. The guide block alloy has obvious abrasion marks and grooves. The saw back has irregular scratches and breaks at the scratches. It should be checked regularly.

2. The clamping block of the band sawing machine is worn out due to excessive tightness or looseness, resulting in scratches on the side of the saw blade. Over tightening increases the load of the saw blade and causes it to break; over loosening causes the saw blade to deviate or the saw edge to ripple.  

3. NC saw speed and descending speed match improperly, saw speed is low, descending speed is fast, saw blade load is too large to break; saw speed is fast and descending speed is slow, work efficiency is low, saw blade tip is prone to early wear, affecting service life.

4. The gap between the guide blocks of NC saw machine is not suitable, and the back of saw is overload, so that the tension at the root of the saw blade is too large and cracks occur, leading to blade breakage.

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