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Performance Characteristics And Application Scope Of Vertical Band Sawing Machine
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Vertical band sawing machine is widely used. Basically, any mechanical processing industry needs to cut. This requires the use of vertical band saw machine, which also makes the use of vertical band saw greatly increased. The main components of vertical band saw cutting machine products are: metal band sawing machine bed, internal and external workbench, sawing frame, guiding device, motion mechanism, feed system components, electrical system components, workpiece clamping device, band saw blade tensioning device, loading frame, lubrication system and cooling system, etc. These components are a vertical band saw machine, these parts are important components, vertical band sawing machines are indispensable, the quality of these parts, but also directly affects the vertical band saws, these components also directly shows the product features of vertical band sawing machine.

The scope of vertical sawing machine is:

1. Vertical sawing machine suitable for Die & Mould Industry: punch (press), glasses, shoes, spring, plastic injection molding, cutter, etc..

2. Vertical sawing machine is suitable for gravity casting industry of aluminum alloy: cutting core.

3. Vertical sawing machine used in automobile manufacturing industry: sample development, metal machine (Changchun anatomy of FAW, TOYOTA automobile, automobile, automobile, the southeast of GM)

4. Vertical sawing machine is suitable for household appliances industry: TV, computer and so on, sample development (Foxconn electric).

5. Vertical sawing machine is suitable for schools: teaching.

6, vertical sawing machine is suitable for military products manufacturing: military experimental dissection machine (internal structure of missiles).

7. Vertical sawing machine is suitable for shipbuilding industry.

8. Vertical sawing machine is suitable for all kinds of sawing machines: processing angle.

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