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Operation Rules Of Band Sawing Machine
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The operator and maintenance personnel of metal cutting band sawing machine should be trained to master the skills of the operation and maintenance of band saw machine. Operate the production machine safely to improve the equipment intact rate and utilization rate, to ensure the safety of the operator and production capacity and quality and to prolong the service life of the band sawing machine.

One, operation rules of band sawing machine

1.Check the band sawing machine and workpieces before working, cutting in accordance with the technical standards and scheme.

2. The axis of the material should be perpendicular to the bimetal band saw blade.

3. The material must be clamped tightly. The sawing machine with hydraulic device should adjust the clamp device and oil pressure according to the material shape and size. The guide arm of the band saw machine is adjusted according to the size of the workpiece. After the adjustment, the guide device of the band saw machine must be locked.

4. The maximum diameter of the material should not exceed the requirement. The clamping device of the sawing machine must clamp the workpiece firmly.

5. The sawing machine should be stopped and the knives should be returned or lifted when loading or unloading the workpiece.

6. Familiar with the performance and structure of the saw machine, use methods and maintenance knowledge, take care to use the band saw, strengthen maintenance, so that it is often in good condition.

7. The sawing length is reasonable and the material is saved.

8. Clean the sawing machine and the working place after working.after the work is finished, the sawing machine should be wiped clean, the site cleaned, and the workplace clean and sanitary.

Two, clean the sawing machine at all times.

1.Stop the sawing machine when adjusting and cleaning. 

2.On-site cleaning work, the work site is prohibited from scrapping workpieces and sundries, waste into the waste basket, the edges and corners are stacked horizontally and vertically in order to keep the sawing machine and the site clean at all times.

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