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Operation Rules For Horizontal Band Saw Machine
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacture of machinery cutting equipment with independent developing, design and manufacture capacity. The Jinfeng series band saw machine, including double column band saw, angle band saw machine, cnc band saw machine and vertical band sawing machine etc. produced by us are with advanced technology and stable properties.

Here we will give you some advice about the operation rules for horizontal band saw machine.

A.Check before working:

1.Check the running direction of the saw wheel.

2.Check the tension of the saw blade.

3.Check the pressure of the system of the horizontal band saw machine.

B.Check the material and specifications of the workpiece to choose the adaptable:

1.The pitch of teeth.

2.Feeding rate.

3.The position of the guide arm.

C.First empty trial run of the band saw to check whether the running is stable, whether the clamping device is reliable, whether there is noise, whether the band saw blade is straight, whether the saw frame is swing.

D.Seriously operating when cutting and choose the suitable feeding rate according to the cutting situation.

E.Check to make sure each piece of the bundle workpiece is clamped tightly. Clean the horizontal band saw machine in time.

F.Stick to the post, observe at any time, find abnormal and timely rise the frame or stop the horizontal band sawing machine.

G. Clean up the chips in the worktable and wheel box of horizontal band saw machine in time, and often clean the coolant and hydraulic oil of horizontal band saw machine.

H. Add enough lubricating oil in peacetime, change the lubricating oil in the wheel box of horizontal band saw machine every year, when idle, add oil seal to the guide rail and processing surface.

G.When finish working, sweep the horizontal band sawing machine, add 

lubricating oil, and cut off the power supply.  

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