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Operation Method Of Corner Cutter
- Mar 22, 2018 -

The method is: put the table together with the frame before and after the promotion, for example to set screw positioning large box outside the nail position to adjust the rear surface below the positioning screw to a large box set inside the nail position to adjust the table in front of the following, then according to their own need to adjust the position, then the the nail into the nail groove. If the head of the mold is not good and low, the screw of the die head is loosened and replaced with the matching die head.

Put Brad Brad glue up, convex facing the rear of the machine in place, then the "nail feeder" installed, installed in the rubber band "nail feeder" (Rev behind to squeeze the nail), who work well after two nails and adjustable, box can be placed on the table. Angle, who was sitting in front of the machine work, foot pedal, machine clip clips frame, and strut down (Caution! Finger, don't get caught in a trap). First, the nail in the frame, the fingers grasp the middle of the frame or the two round rods on the table, push the table front, the left foot should not be loosened, and the right foot step on the nail frame.

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