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Metal Band Saw Failure Methods?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Fault one: teeth, broken teeth

cause of issue:

1. The workpiece is small and the saw tooth is too large;

2. The workpiece is large and the saw tooth is too small;

3. The speed is too slow;

4. The feed is too fierce;

5. Trimming or cutting corners;

6. Saw with a chuck, loose workpiece;

7. Serrations in the wrong direction;

8. The workpiece processing conditions, such as lump or peeling;

9. The tension is too small;

10. Guide block loose cassette;

11. Saw tape width selection is wrong;

12. Guide block wear;

13. The speed is too fast.

Treatment method:

1. Select the pitch according to the condition of the workpiece;

2. Reduce feed;

3. Speed up;

4 correct choice of knife position;

5. Avoid cutting old ones with new ones;

6. Check the clamping device hydraulic system to ensure that the vise workpiece is normal;

7. Reloading;

8. Check the workpiece hardness, processing conditions;

9. Adjust tension;

10. Check the guide to match the width of the saw band;

11. Check the actual width of the saw band;

12. Replace the guide block;

13. Adjust the speed.

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