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How To Maintenance A Horizontal Saw Machine
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Horizontal band sawing machine is the most common and widely used saw machine for metal cutting. Easy to learn and operate wins customers’ love. Today, our operating worker will share you some ways to maintenance a horizontal band sawing machine:

1, Clean the saw dust in the worktable and saw frame in time to avoid the saw teeth blocked.

2, Often check the cleanliness and capacity of the coolant and hydraulic oil, filter or add in time, ensure that the supply and liquid supply are sufficient, avoid the plugging of the hydraulic parts and the nozzle, and affect the normal running of the machine tool.

Three, the guideway surface and each lubricating point should be refueled once, the sawing wheel bearing and the big gear in the driving wheel should be added  lubricating grease once a week, and the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced once a year.

Four, The rolling guide surface under the sawing frame is kept clean. 

Ji'nan North Jinfeng sawing machine Co., Ltd. believes that as long as the horizontal band sawing machine is maintained in the use of the above mode, it not only prolongs the service life of the metal bandsaw and saw blade, but also reduces the failure of the metal cutting band saw machine and lays a solid foundation for the efficient sawing.  

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