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How To Maintain CNC Horizontal Metal Band Sawing Machine?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

1. Strictly enforce the routine maintenance rules and regulations of the CNC system for CNC horizontal metal band sawing machine.

2. Keep the doors of numerical control cabinets and strong electric cabinets open less to prevent oil mist and dust from falling into printed circuit boards or electrical components of the numerical control system.

CNC horizontal metal band saw machine

3. Prevent numerical control device from overheating. Ensure that the heat dissipation ventilation system works well.

4. Maintain the input/output devices of CNC system regularly, monitor the voltage of the power grid used in CNC system, and check and replace the batteries used in memory regularly. Because the battery voltage drops to a certain value, it will cause data loss, periodically check the battery voltage. When the battery voltage drops to the limit or the battery voltage is alarms, it is necessary to replace the battery in time. The replacement of batteries is usually carried out under the condition of CNC system energizing, which will not cause the loss of storage parameters. So the parameters of CNC horizontal metal band sawing machine should be backed up. Once the data is lost, the parameters can be re-input after changing the battery.

CNC horizontal metal band sawing machine

5. Daily maintenance of software control system must be accomplished: the parameters of CNC horizontal metal band sawing machine can not be changed at will, if it is necessary to modify the parameters must do a good job of modifying records.

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