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How To Choose A High Cost-effective Cnc Band Saw?
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Cnc metal working band saw is widely used in the manufacturing industry.  Therefore, the dependence of industrial and mining enterprises on CNC band saw machines is higher and higher. Then, how can we buy a high cost-effective cnc band saw machine? 

First, you should consider in detail whether it meets the requirements of performance parameters and reliability indexes, and requires easy operation, programming, maintenance and management. If you want to choose several cnc metal working band saw machines, you should as far as possible to centralized and unified, if no special requirements, choose the same series of numerical control system of the same manufacturer for future management and maintenance.

Second, confirm the sawing function and technical parameters of the cnc band saw machine. When selecting the function of the CNC band sawing machine, it should not be large and complete. According to its own needs, the specifications, dimensions, precision and length of the band saw blade and other hydraulic and electrical appliances should be stipulated.

Three, pay attention to the installation, commissioning and acceptance of CNC band sawing machine.

In the process of installation, debugging and trial operation, the technical personnel must actively participate in the process of installation, debugging and trial operation. The geometric accuracy, positioning accuracy, cutting accuracy and sawing performance of the CNC band sawing machine are comprehensively checked. Carefully check all kinds of technical information, user manual, maintenance manual, annex manual, computer software and manual, and keep them properly.

In order to buy CNC band sawing machines, customers can only purchase the band sawing machine with high cost performance only when they pay attention to the above three aspects.

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