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How Should The Band Saw Blade Of CNC Band Saw Machine Running In?
- Nov 01, 2018 -

First, the sawdust under the saws of the numerical control band sawing machine can see whether the cutting pressure and conditions are correct.

1. Fine or powdered sawdust indicates that the feed rate should be increased or the speed of band saw blade should be decreased.

2. Thick, heavy or blue sawdust indicates that the overload of the saw blade should reduce the feed rate or increase the speed of the NC band saw blade loosely coiled sawdust indicates an ideal cutting state.

Second, Sawing speed of NC band sawing machine: The speed of band saw of NC band sawing machine is decided by the kind of material, the width of material and the pulling force of band saw of NC band sawing machine.

1, hard material must be used with a low speed belt saw machine.

2, the smaller width must be faster with the speed of the belt saw.

Third, Pressure and feed rate of NC band sawing machine: Pressure and feed rate of NC band sawing machine band sawing blade are determined by material type and material width.

1, harder materials and larger width materials need greater pressure and feed rate.

Forth, Profile sawing: Please choose the most suitable type of saw blade according to the material you need, and then choose the width of the saw blade according to the minimum radian (radius) of the material you need. The smaller the radian (radius), the narrower the width of the saw blade.

Tension of saw blade: the tension should be checked first before sawing with a new saw blade.

Band saw guide: The cutting accuracy depends on the setting of the guide device of the band saw blade: the closer the device is to the material, the higher the cutting accuracy.

Cooling and lubrication: cooling and lubrication are indispensable in most metal sawing. For cast iron, brass, and some non-metallic materials, such as plastics and graphite, lubrication may or may not be necessary during processing.

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