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Classification Of Metal Cutting Machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

The metal cutting machine is divided into high power metal cutting machine, optical fiber sheet cutting machine and metal carving and cutting machine according to the laser power.

A new generation of large Longmen advanced type solid laser cutting system, the product is YAG solid laser optical system, optical model, small cutting slot, high precision; mechanical servo cutting head in direct contact with the plate motion, the laser focus remains constant, the cutting speed and uniform quality in the whole line double guide; positioning the ball screw drive, fast speed, high precision, smooth motion, good dynamic performance, long service life; machine tool vertical and horizontal movement direction are provided with overtravel limit switch and collision limit off after the failure of polyurethane crash barrier strip, to ensure maximum safety of machine operation; automatic programming system will directly generate processing graphics files, computer graphics processing path, automatic nesting, improve the utilization efficiency and material processing rate.

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