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Characteristics Of Large Scale Longmen Solid Laser Cutting Machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

1. the structure of Longmen is reasonable and the light path is stable.

1) the solid laser cutting machine adopts Longmen structure. The crossbeam is made by casting. The whole structure is strong, which changes the cantilever structure. It has small footprint, light weight, high deformation resistance and high accuracy.

2) the laser component of the solid laser cutting machine is composed of a mechanical servo cutting head and a laser light circuit component two

Some components, mechanical servo head and light path are integrated and independent optical system. The optical system is designed by German technology, with stable optical path and high efficiency. The Longmen style is more stable on the light road than the previous cantilever.

2. high sensitivity American imported servo laser cutting head

The solid laser cutting machine adopts the JI American import mechanical follow up cutting head. The cutting head outlet nozzle locking ring contacts with the metal plate surface. With the surface of the metal plate, the cutting head moves up and down to achieve equal focal length cutting.

3. control cabinet directly control the power supply, easy to operate

The unique design of control cabinet includes the whole operation system, which changes the design of complex operation of independent power source, and can directly set the power parameters of current, frequency and pulse width on the control system.

4. light path adjustment, change the light to change the bar

Because the cantilever mobile structure used in the solid laser cutting machine adjusts the light path, it only needs to move the beam mechanism to the edge of the nail bed. The operator can directly adjust the light path or change the lamp to change the bar beside the beam mechanism.

5. the motor is used to improve the speed and stability of the cutting.

6. the high precision motion system is combined with the professional work platform.

The motion system adopts high precision ball screw drive mode and servo drive system to ensure the high precision of cutting. The toothed work platform and layering are suitable for cutting all kinds of metal plates.

7. high power and large cooling water chiller, continuous cooling and cooling for the laser system, automatically adjust the temperature, to ensure a long time work.

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