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Automatic Horizontal Band Sawing Machine Working Principle
- May 12, 2018 -

The band sawing machine is a sawing device using a metal saw blade as a cutting tool for cutting metal materials. Since the band saw has a narrow incision and high cutting efficiency, the energy consumption is small and the material waste is small.

It is a kind of efficient cutting equipment with significant energy saving and material saving effect.

The circular saw band is tensioned on the two saw wheels and the saw wheel drives the saw band for cutting. Band sawing machines are mainly vertical and horizontal. The saw frame of the vertical band sawing machine is vertically arranged, and the workpiece moves when cutting to cut the curve profile of the sheet material and the formed part. The saw band can also be replaced with a rake chain or an abrasive belt for repairing or grinding.

Horizontal sawing machine saw frame horizontal or inclined layout, along the direction of vertical or swing around a point of feed, saw blade is generally twisted 40 °, in order to maintain the sawtooth perpendicular to the workpiece.

Horizontal type is divided into scissors type, double column, single column type band sawing machine; it is divided into manual type (economic manual feeding manual cutting material) and automatic type according to the use situation; it can be divided into manual type according to the automation program using the controller ( Semi-automatic manual feeding) automatic type (automatic feeding automatic cutting); according to the cutting angle requirements, it can be divided into angle saws (can cut the angle of 90 degrees and 45 degrees) without cutting, that is, 90 degrees vertical cutting.

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