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Application Of Metal Cutting Machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

First, the laser energy is concentrated into a high density beam in the form of light beam transmitted to the working surface to produce enough heat to melt materials, coupled with high pressure gas and beam coaxial direct removal of molten metal separation, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting, the laser cutting processing machine with mechanical processing with the essential difference.

It is the use of a laser beam emitted from the laser generator, the circuit system, focus on the laser beam irradiation of high power density, laser heat absorption material, workpiece temperature rises rapidly at the boiling point, the material starts to vaporize and form pores, with the relative position of mobile beam and workpiece, the material form slit. The cutting parameters of the joints (cutting speed, laser power and gas pressure) and trajectory are controlled by CNC system, auxiliary gas at a certain pressure by cutting slag blowing.

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