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7 Things Your Teacher Will Not Teach You About Band Sawing Machines
- May 09, 2018 -

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is famous at home and abroad for manufacturing various kinds of band sawing machines, including horizontal band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, angle cutting band sawing machine, numerical control band sawing machine and special customized band sawing machine. With high technology, perfect sawing and strong stability, Jinfeng Sawing Industry has won lots of praises by the China and foreign customers.

Frequently, the customers consult about the notice about starting of the band sawing machine, now I will give you some advice in accordance with my working experience:

1.The long raw material should choose lengthened feeding roller;

When the raw material should be sawed into long pieces, the lengthened collecting roller is needed.

2.You should adjust the saw blades before starting the machine and lock the handle and tight the screw after the adjustment is done.

3.The ground connection should be reliable to prevent the accidental electric shock.

4.Necessary training for the operating workers to ensure a safe and accurate operation of the band sawing machine.

5.Reliable clamping of the workpiece to prevent tooth breaking of the saw blades.

6.No gloves while the machine is working, but gloves must be worn while loading and unloading the saw blades. The hand and any parts of the body are forbidden to the cutting points and clamping vice while cutting.

7.You can point the stop button on the control panel to stop the machine when some abnormal situation occurs. In the extremely special case, you can also point the switch off button on the power distribution box. 

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