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Why is the saw bed of the band sawing machine leaking?
- Nov 01, 2018 -

During the operation of the saw, there is a question of oil leakage from the gearbox. Serious oil leakage gearbox, not only lose a lot of lubricant, and the vertical sawing machine itself and the surrounding environment of the clean and hygienic adverse effects, but also affect the progress of the operation. What is the reason for gearbox leakage? How should we prevent and make a brief summary of how to deal with the oil leakage gearbox?

There are three main points in the oil leakage of the vertical sawing machine gearbox.

First, because the sawing machine planning is unreasonable, such as no planning or ventilation holes too small, so that its internal pressure and external pressure can not be balanced, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil.

Second, the sawing machine production planning can not meet the requirements, the accuracy of the box joint surface is not good, resulting in the seal is not strict and oil seepage.

Third, the inappropriate use and protection of the sawing machine caused many blockages, resulting in excessive pressure inside the sawing machine, too much oil, too high oil level; connection bolts loose, so that the connection surface of the sawing machine box is not strict.

Improvement measures for oil leakage in sawing machine:

In order to prevent the sawing machine from leaking oil, it is necessary to improve the planning and install ventilation equipment on the observation hole cover and the oil hole cover of the transmission box of the sawing machine to ensure that the pressure in the box body surface of the sawing machine is balanced and the air flow is unblocked; the processing accuracy of the joint surface and the cooperation surface of the strong sawing machine box body is ensured to prevent the box body from deforming; besides, the maintenance work must be done well, and the box body is often checked. And dredge its air vent, the amount of oil is appropriate, repair and repair the box partition surface, serious deformation will be replaced; reorganize back to the tank, fasten bolts.

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