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What factors are involved in the cracking of band saw blades?
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Band saw blade cracking, first of all to confirm the cracking site, is tooth cracking or saw blade back cracking, there is also a point to be noted, whether the cracking is at the weld point, if the weld point cracking, mostly because of welding process problems, or welding process operation errors or parameter adjustment details of the problem appeared. Such a problem requires timely solutions to suppliers.

Tooth cracking is due to the following aspects in common:

1.The tooth shape of the saw blade is subjected to friction.

Check whether the alloy blocks on both sides are too close to the teeth groove and adjust them.

2. Saw dust removal is not smooth.

The sawdust inside the saw wheel should be cleaned up, the sawdust remains in the groove, or taken to the saw wheel and stayed, the band saw blade and its repeated contact friction to the saw dust in the saw wheel will lead to tooth cracking.

3. Improper selection of tooth type.

According to the shape, diameter and characteristics of the raw material, the suitable saw blade type is selected.

4.The feed of saw blade is too large.

Adjust the feeding rate according to the bimetal band saw blade and reduce the load of the tooth groove to prevent the crack of the tooth groove.

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