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What are the factors affecting the band saw saw belt break?
- May 23, 2018 -

1. The gap between the upper guide block is not suitable, and the back pressure of the saw blade is too heavy, which causes the tension at the root of the saw blade to cause excessive cracks and lead to breakage.

2. The wear of the guide block causes the back of the saw to wear, causing cracks in the back of the saw band to cause breakage.

3, the clamping block is worn due to over-tightening or loosening, so that the side of the saw is scratched. Too tight to increase the load of the saw blade to break it; too loose can make the saw belt go or saw the mouth ripple.

4, saw band tension is too large, resulting in more than carrying capacity breakage.

5, Saw speed and fall speed is not matched properly, the saw speed is low, the descent speed is fast, and the saw belt is overloaded and broken. Saw speed is fast and the speed of descent is slow, work efficiency is low, early wear of the tip of the tooth is prone to occur, and the service life is affected.

6, the cutting fluid is too little or too thin, friction resistance increases, cutting heat can not be dissipated in time, resulting in softening of the tooth tip, increase the load of the saw belt, easy to produce broken belt and teeth. Check the concentration of cutting fluid at any time and make up for it in time.

7. Excessive wear and tear of the worm gear. The worm and worm cannot normally mesh in the late stage of wear, and there is an impact phenomenon during operation, resulting in momentary overload of the saw belt and easy breakage. Need to check worm gear wear frequently and replace it in time.

8. Slipping of the drive belt makes the saw belt not run at a uniform speed, and it is easy to produce an instantaneous overload, resulting in a saw belt with a broken belt. Always check to adjust or replace the belt.

9, saw belt wheel wear. Axial, radial and end surface runout caused by bearing wear is the most direct cause of the saw blade breaking. The small spacing between the shoulders and the back of the saw creates noise and wears the saw back and saw belt discs. When the lower part of the disc wears, the hensmai saw belt comes into contact with the disc at the back, and it is easy to produce cracks on the back of the saw band and break along with it. The wear on the upper part of the disc is contrary to that, and cracks are easily generated at the root of the saw blade and lead to a broken belt. When the overrun of the roulette wheel hits the saw band, it will cause an impact and lead to a broken belt. The wear and three-way runout of the discs should be checked regularly to adjust or replace the discs and bearings in time.

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