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the advantages of Jinfeng angle band sawing machine
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of band sawing machine, we have produced a series of angle band sawing machine which can rotate back and forward. There are several different types of angle bandsaw, such as the mini angle cutting band saw G-260, nc angle bandsaw GS280, and G-330, the saw frame can rotate back and forth, the cutting angle ranges from degree 0 to degree 60 at back, and degree 0 to degree 45 at forth, and G-400, G-500 and G-600 etc.


The advantages of our angle band sawing machine are as follows:

1, Double column, stable and can be used for cutting variable kinds of ferrous, nonferrous metals and profiles.

2, Hydraulic clamping, easy to clamp the material.

3, The transmission mechanism precision balance correction to reduce vibration, which can avoid tooth breaking.

4, Security alarm function, the bandsaw will stop when the blade break.

G-260-1 (2).jpg

5, Pause function, when you press pause key, the bandsaw will stop, and when you press pause key again, the band saw will continue from the last position without back to the original position.

6, Overload protection function, when the motor overload or the saw blade breaks, the band saw will alarm and stop automatically.


With high technology,stable cutting, narrow incision, low failure rate and free maintenance, that's why the Jinfeng angle band sawing machine can be the famous brand products in China and abroad.   

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