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The premature of passivation saw tooth
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The use of band saw blade, bimetal band saw blade and M42 band saw blade has brought great convenience to our life. But in the use of band saw blade, the phenomenon of premature passivation of saw teeth easily occurs, which greatly affects the sawing ability and life of the saw blade. Jinfeng sawing technicians have made a simple analysis of the premature passivation of saw teeth and put forward solutions.

First, Reasons for premature passivation of saw teeth:

1. Insufficient or inappropriate running-in time of band saw blades;

2. The hardness of the workpiece is too big and the feed is too large.

3. The cooling fluid of the sawing machine is not enough for the sawtooth of the band saw blade.

4. The workpiece is mixed with hard blocks;

5. Improper saw teeth for workpiece;

6. Anti-alignment of saw blade teeth;

7. New band saw blades cut old incision;

8. The tension of band saw blade is too small.

Second, Treatment of premature passivation of saw teeth of band saw blades:

1. Pay attention to the running-in of new bandsaw blades;

2. Check the working conditions of the sawing machine and select the band saw blade correctly.

3. Choose the best coolant for sawing machine.

4. Inspecting the hardness of the workpiece.

5. Choose the saw-blade shape according to the section geometry.

6. Re-installing bandsaw blades;

7. New band saw blades avoid old incision.

8. Increase the tension of bandsaw blade moderately.

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