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Sawing machine safety operation attention small matters
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Because it is a sawing machine, there is a certain risk in operation, so it is especially important in safety prevention.

1. It is strictly forbidden to remove the safety protection device on the machine tool. If necessary, a protective fence should be placed around the machine tool.

2. The operator must cover all the protective covers before starting the sawing machine. When the machine is running, do not open all kinds of protective covers.

3. Stop the machine when unloading the workpiece, clamping, aligning and changing the speed.

4. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch any part of the body to the running saw blade and enter the processing area. It is strictly forbidden to use the hand to get the jammed or cut workpiece.

5. When the sawing machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the saw blade by hand. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves and wear loose clothes to operate and repair the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the sawing machine. If abnormal phenomena are found, stop the inspection immediately.

6. Before sawing, it must be confirmed that the workpiece has been clamped and that the workpiece is clamped during the entire sawing process; the clamp can be released after the saw blade stops running.

7. Before adjusting and repairing and cleaning the machine, especially before servicing the electric, the main power supply must be cut off to prevent accidental electric shock.

8. The machine must be stopped first when shifting.

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