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Precautions with saw blade
- Mar 23, 2018 -

1. Using high quality belt sawing machine, correct operation and adjustment of machine tool is the most important factor to ensure the service life of the band saw blade. The good rigidity and working performance of the machine can prevent the great impact of vibration and various stresses on the band saw strip.

2, select the belt that you will use correctly. No band saw blade can be suitable for all sawing requirements, and all kinds of saw blades with different forms and characteristics have their own different functions. This selection includes suitable blade width, tooth shape and pitch.

3. The sawing parameters are used correctly, including the speed of the saw line, the feed and the tension of the saw band. When the material is sawed, the ideal chip should be tight, silver and warm. Parameters such as sintering, brown blue, hypertrophy or powdery need to be adjusted.

4, the correct use of cutting fluid and its mixture can lubricating and cooling blade, and promptly cleaned teeth.

5, properly run new blade, run through the natural wear of teeth, tooth edge burr removal, the band saw sawing gradually into the normal state, avoid premature tooth caused by chipping and bending, especially the sharp change of cross-section profiles, pipes and special materials are important. When running in, the machine tool parameters should be adjusted to about 50% of the normal sawing efficiency. The sawing area is generally 200-600cm2. After abnormal conditions, machine parameters are gradually adjusted to enter the normal sawing state.

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