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Please note that band sawing machines deny safety practices
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1. Wear tight protective clothing before operation. Fasten the cuffs. Do not open the hem of the jacket. Gloves must not be used. The machine must not be worn, removed, or clothed to prevent injury. You must wear a safety helmet. The raft should be placed in a cap. No skirt or slippers are allowed.

2. Make all preparations before starting the machine. The vise is installed so that the center of the sawing material is in the middle of the sawing stroke. The raw material is placed horizontally on the vise and at right angles to the saw blade. If the material is to be sawn obliquely, the vice is first adjusted to the desired angle. The size of the sawing material must not be greater than the maximum sawing size of the machine tool.

3. The saw blade must be tightened and idling for 3-5 minutes before the saw to print out the air in the hydraulic cylinder and in the oil grooves on the hydraulic transmission, and check whether the sawing machine is faulty and the lubrication oil path is normal.

4, sawing pipe or sheet profiles, the pitch should not be less than the thickness of the material. The saw should be retracted to a slow position and reduce the amount of feed.

5. When the sawing machine is in operation, it is not allowed to change the speed in the middle. The sawing material should be placed positively, clamped tightly, and firmly clamped. The infeed amount is determined according to the hardness of the material and the quality of the saw blade.

6, must be dedicated hydraulic oil and lubricating oil hydraulic transmission and lubrication device, the coolant must be clean, and replace or filter by cycle.

7. When the material is about to be sawn, it is necessary to strengthen observation and pay attention to safe operation.

8. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, put the joysticks back to the empty position, and do a good job of cleaning.

9. If any fault is found during the operation of the machine tool, it shall be immediately stopped. Reports shall be sent by the Ministry of Construction and Protection to repair the machine.

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