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Notes in using bimetal band saw blades
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The bimetal band saw blade is the necessary cutting tool on the metal cutting band sawing machine. But dangers exist everywhere, people are injured by the band saw blades some time, for the workers safety, there are some notes you should pay attention to:  

First, bimetal band saw blades are dangerous goods. We should pay great attention to it will exist bomb opening of the blades.

Two. Wear leather gloves when you open, install and remove the bimetal band saw blades.

Three, when replacing the bimetal saw blade, the main power source of the sawing machine must be cut off.

Four. Please fix the saw blade firmly.

Five, it is absolutely not allowed to touch the rotating band saw blade with your hands.

Six, please read the instructions of the band saw machine carefully, so that it can be used correctly.

Seven. After the new saw blade is installed, the full running in period is necessary.

Eight. Handle the saw blade after use. Pay great attention to it and do not place it arbitrarily.

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