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Metal band sawing machine sawing band saw blade is a common problem due to improper operation:
- Sep 12, 2018 -

1. The initial feed is out of control, the saw belt does not slowly and smoothly contact the workpiece, the saw belt quickly reduces the impact cutting, and forms an over-loaded chipping at the tip of the tooth.

2. When the operation is done, the workpiece that is not clamped or clamped by the workpiece is not reliable. When the saw is cut, the workpiece is loose or oscillating, and the serration is forced to be toothed under the action of an uncertain external force.

3. The installation saw belt is not in place, and the saw belt is used to grind the edge of the saw wheel to make the saw belt work abnormally.

4. The new saw belt will be cut at high speed without normal running-in, and the feed amount will be too large to form a collapsing tooth. This kind of scene is a contradiction in the operation, and should be paid more attention.

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