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Iron chips stick on bimetal band saw blades
- Jun 03, 2018 -

What will you do if iron chips stick on bimetal band saw blades? 

Iron chips stick on the teeth of bimetal bandsaw blades while the band sawing machine is sawing workpiece is very boring, sometimes the bandsaw seems malfunction because the blades may not saw actively or saw oblique.

The main reason for stick is the unsuitable ratio of cutting fluid or totally without cutting fluid while the bandsaw machine is working, or the cutting speed is too fast and feeding is overload, or the position of the steel brush too low or worn or the wrong tooth type.

So it’s easy to solve this problem now. First, choose the right cutting fluid and complemented enough liquid according to the type of the band sawing machine. Generally, the ratio of the cutting fluid to water is 1:20, as it will reduce after sawing some time, so you should add the cutting liquid according to the ratio. We suggest to use a good anti-rust cutting fluid. Adjust the cutting speed and feeding speed according to the raw material. Adjust the position of the steel brush on the metal cutting bandsaw or replace it. Choose the right tooth shape in accordance with the dimension and shape of the workpiece.

If you can do as we suggest, your band saw blade will be very sharp and will not stick iron chips any more. 

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