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How to solve the problems caused by the metal bandsaw blade?
- Jul 10, 2018 -

There are many kinds of breakdown during the cutting of the metal bandsaw machine. How can you solve these problems?

Today, we will give you some advice about how to solve and avoid these problems.

Oblique section.

First, you can check whether the tension force of the bimetal band saw blade is too small, you can adjust the tension force to 18 to 22 kgf/m㎡. This is normal for the band saw blade.

Second, replace a new guide wheel if the old one is worn out.

Third, check whether the guide are on the left of the metal bandsaw machine is too far from the workpiece, move the guide arm to let it as close as possible to the workpiece. In this way we can assure the cutting accuracy of the band sawing machine.

Fourth, too large feeding, adjust the cutting speed and blade speed to get an adaptable feeding.

Fifth, unusual wear of the blade. Check the guide wheel and carbide.

Sixth, clamping vice loosen. Fix the workpiece avoid moving. Especially pay attention to bundle sawing.

Other problems we will share next time.

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