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How to operate the sawing machine correctly
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Any instrument and equipment needs regular maintenance to improve the efficiency of the equipment and prolong its service life. Before the machine is operated by the band saw machine, the following items should be checked regularly:

1. Check the position of the saw gear box and hydraulic tank oil gauge;

2. Check the height of the scrap steel brush so that the steel brush just touches the bottom of the serration. Can not be higher than the bottom of the sawtooth, which will cause excessive wear of the saw band or steel brush;

3. Check the position of the chip cleaning brush, keep the groove and iron scraps clear, if necessary, adjust or replace the chip brush;

4. Check if the sawing table cooling water altimeter needs to be added;

5. Check that the saw blade band is in the correct position of the main and passive wheels and the tungsten steel guide;

6. Check the pressure of the tungsten steel oil pressure gauge of the sawing machine;

7. Check the saw blade belt tension adjustment valve;

8. Check the sawing gear box tension belt;

9. Before installing the new saw band, remove the iron filings from the main and passive wheel flanges of the sawing machine (the iron filings may accumulate).

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