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How to improve the working efficiency?
- Apr 25, 2018 -

How to improve the working efficiency?

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of horizontal band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, cnc band sawing machine, gantry structure band sawing machine, double column band sawing machine, small-sized band sawing machine and large-sized band sawing machine etc. Our band sawing machine can be widely used for cutting pipes, H-steel, angle steel, steel rod and square tube and other metal materials. Our company keeps focusing on the researching and developing of new products, high quality management and service for the customer. With the first class processing equipment, technology and scientific management team, our products are best seller at home and abroad.

Today, I will share some experience about how to improve the working efficiency of band sawing machine.

First, choose high quality band sawing machine

Our JINFENG band sawing machine can prevent the influence to the band saw blades caused by vibration and variable stress. And the user should know the different functions of different types of band sawing machine exactly and choose suitable band saw blades, such as the width, tooth type and the distance between the teeth.

Second, use the sawing parameters correctly, including the saw blades speed, feeding speed and the tension force of the blades. Only in this way, can we prolong the life of bimetal band saw blades and improve the working efficiency. You should know the normal shape and color of the sawdust. If they appeared to be blue, thick or powder, how to adjust the sawing parameters? Correctly use the cutting liquid can keep the saw blades smoothly and cold, and can remove the sawdust in time.

Third, correctly do the running-in of the new band saw blade

The running-in of the band saw blade can effectively promote the blades into normal cutting state and to prevent the break and turned of the saw blade. Pay more attention to section bar, tube and special materials.

If you can pay attention to the above points, the working efficiency can be improved.


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