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How to eliminate the glitch of CNC sawing machine in daily production
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The troubleshooting method of the CNC sawing machine is for everyone to share, I hope to help.

First, troubleshooting methods

(1) Initial reset method: Under normal circumstances, due to system alarm caused by transient fault, hardware reset or switch system power supply can be used to clear the fault in turn. If the system working storage area is powered down, plugging or unplugging the circuit board or battery undervoltage If it is confusing, the system must be initialized and cleared. Before cleaning, pay attention to making a copy of the data. If the fault cannot be eliminated after initialization, perform hardware diagnosis.

(2) Parameter change, program correction method: System parameter is the basis for determining system function. If the parameter setting is wrong, it may cause system failure or invalid function. Sometimes due to user program errors can also cause downtime, you can use the system's block search function to check and correct all errors to ensure their normal operation.

(3) Adjustment, optimization adjustment method: adjustment is one of the easiest and most convenient methods. Correct system failure by adjusting the potentiometer. If a factory is in maintenance, its system display screen is chaotic and normal after adjustment. For example, in a factory, the main shaft has belt slippage during starting and braking, because the main shaft load torque is large, and the ramp-up time of the driving device is set too small, and it is normal after adjustment.

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