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How is the accuracy of horizontal band sawing machine evaluated?
- May 26, 2018 -

The accuracy assessment of horizontal band sawing rotary coordinates is generally divided into positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and reverse error.

From the analysis of the principle of closed-loop transmission of CNC machine tools, the error is mainly caused by the feedback accuracy of the closed-loop circular grating (or angle encoder), the precision of the indexing of the drive train, the backlash of the transmission link, the matching error of the rotary shaft, the support bearing and The results of the combined effects of the radial runout of the rotating component, the rotational center distance (the distance from the center of rotation of the rotating coordinate system to the end of the spindle), and the inaccurate measurement.

The error factors of the feedback element, transmission pair, and supporting bearing can be effectively solved by selecting components with higher accuracy levels. The radial runout error of the rotating part can be ensured through a more rigorous mechanical manufacturing process. These error factors are only Machine tool manufacturers can effectively avoid the increase in the corresponding production costs.

The fitting error of the rotary axis must be solved with more suitable fitting tolerances and appropriate bearing pre-tightening, but over-tightening and over-tightening can lead to additional power loss of the rotary motion and cause the no-load start of the rotary axis of the machine tool. Increased torque affects the dynamic performance of the machine tool.

In order to obtain a good running state, the numerical control machine tool's rotating coordinates must be verified through sufficient tests to obtain the proper fitting accuracy and proper bearing pre-tightening force for the rotating support shaft.

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