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Horizontal band sawing machine works
- Jun 15, 2018 -

In the process of work, manually use the crane to lift the axle into the lifting material rack, lift the material lifting cylinder up and lift the workpiece slightly, turn the hand wheel to move the axle left and right, adjust the axle length dimension to the correct sawing position After the sawing position is found, the lifting rack cylinder is lowered, the right and left V-shaped vises clamp the workpiece, the sawing machine advances to the sawing position, and the saw frame is rapidly lowered. When the stroke control mechanism is out of the stroke collision block, After the sawing is completed, the saw frame rises rapidly, the sawing machine retreats, the left and right V-shaped vices are loosened, the axle rests on the lifting material rack, and after suspending the material manually, the second material is hung , for the next cycle.

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