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GS400 customized metal bandsaw
- Jun 26, 2018 -

This is customized metal band sawing machine which can collect material automatically after finished sawing. 

GS400 band sawing machine.JPG

This GS400 metal cutting bandsaw is used for cutting C steel, high efficiency and high precision. 

The customer also ordered lengthened roller conveyor at front and back of the cutting machine. The height and width are the same with the working table. 

CNC GS400 metal cutting bandsaw.JPG

Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. focused on manufacturing horizontal band sawing machine, cnc metal cutting bandsaw, vertical band sawing machine and special customized metal cutting bandsaw machine. Since 2018, industrial developing quickly and the demands of special bandsaw is increasing, our company devotes to the development of band sawing machine industry and dare to deal with the challenge and pick up orders which other sawing companies can’t manufacture. One after another non standard customized band sawing machine with special sawing effect was born, which brought a cheer to the sawing machine industry.

Three blades bandsaw for cutting exhaust manifold obtain national patent, large sized horizontal angle cutting band sawing machine, large sized vertical bandsaw machine, large sized angle cutting cnc metal cutting saw machine, two blades band saw machine etc. won the high prise of all walks of life. 

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