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Do you know the cutting fluid of band sawing machine?
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Now full automatic band sawing machine is playing an increasingly important role in our work and production, the emergence of metal cutting band sawing machine has brought great changes to our country, of course, cutting fluid is an integral part of the band sawing machine, so let's find out why the cutting fluid occupies such an important position.

1, the role of cutting fluid:

In sawing process, cutting fluid can not only take away a lot of cutting heat, reduce the temperature of sawing area, but also play a lubricating role, eliminate the friction between tooth tip and material, reduce cutting force, improve the durability and productivity of saw blade. Cutting fluids usually have cooling, lubricating and washing functions to prevent the occurrence of chip tumors and rust

2, the economic benefits and proportion requirements of cutting fluid:

The incorrect use of cutting fluids, the improper selection of cutting fluids and the mismatching of cutting fluids will lead to premature wear and tear of saw blade teeth, which will cause the heating of band saw cutting machine parts and shrinkage of service life, thus increasing production costs and reducing productivity. The proportion of cutting fluid is determined by physical properties, chemical composition and saw tooth materials. The recommended ratio is: the easy cutting steel is 5%, the high-strength steel is 10-15%, and the other material is 5-10%.

cutting fluid  of metal band saw

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