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Daily use tips for sawing machines
- Sep 21, 2018 -

1. When the band sawing machine stops working, the saw blade should be removed or loosened from the equipment to maintain the tension of the saw blade. This operation can extend the life of the saw blade.

* Wear rubber gloves when replacing the saw blade, do not wear protective gloves

2. When the band sawing machine is stopped, the fuselage is lowered to the bottom and the wooden block is padded. This operation can help reduce the hydraulic cylinder load and increase the life of the hydraulic cylinder to keep the operation stable.

3. When the sawing machine is not used for a long time, clean the water tank and fuel tank without leaving water and oil in the equipment to prevent water and oil deterioration from affecting the normal operation of the hydraulic system and water circulation.

*Before servicing and cleaning the sawing machine, the main power supply must be cut off to prevent accidental electric shock.

4The new sawing machine needs to replace the turbine gear oil for the first time in the 3-month running-in period (Model: GL 585W/90) (capacity: 4 liters)

* Old sawing machines are generally replaced 6-9 months.

5 sawing machine power supply for three-phase AC: AC380V

* Must be connected to three boxes of electricity

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