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Cause of cutting precision deviation of NC sawing machine
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Ji'nan North Jinfeng sawing machine Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer of band sawing machines. The company produces CNC metal cutting band sawing machines, horizontal bandsaws, vertical band saw machines, adjustable angle sawing machines and special customized bandsaw machines at home and abroad. The possible reasons of cutting precision deviation for your reference:

First, the band saw blade is not perpendicular to the worktable. After the blade is settled, adjust the guide angle bolt to make the saw blade perpendicular to the worktable.

Two, change a new bandsaw blade if the worn one has no repair value.


Three, the band saw blade may be loose, tighten the saw blade, the band sawing machine feeding speed is too fast, adjust the speed control valve to slow down the feed rate.



Four. The distance between the two guiding arms of the CNC sawing machine is too large, adjust the distance of the guide arm, which is generally 6-10 centimeters larger than the material.



Five, the small bearing of the sawing machine can be damaged, so it is good to replace the small bearing.

The CNC band saw machine machining accuracy deviation should be analyzed according to the above reasons, constantly summing up experience, can continuously improve the skills of the operation of the industrial CNC metal cutting saw machine.

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