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Band sawing machine repair circuit should pay special attention
- Jun 21, 2018 -

1. When the band sawing machine is repairing the detection circuit, it should be regarded as “with electricity” before the electrical line is determined to be without electricity by the test pencil. Do not touch it with hands. Do not absolutely believe in the insulator. It should be considered that there is electricity operation.

2. The maintenance line with a sawing machine should hang a warning sign “On someone's work, prohibit closing” on the switch handle or on the line to prevent others from transmitting power in the middle. Threatening the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

3. Use a stylus to measure the voltage, prohibit use outside the range, and allow operation below 500 volts. During the maintenance process, all dismantled sawing wires should be handled properly, and the electric wire should be wrapped to prevent electric shock accidents. The size of the wires and fuses used must meet the required standards. The switch must be larger than the total capacity of the controlled equipment.

4. After the inspection is completed, the power must be checked carefully before sending power to the band sawing machine to see if it meets the requirements and contact the relevant personnel before sending power. After the work is completed, the temporary ground line must be removed, and check whether any tools or other items miss the pole.

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