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Angle cutting machine
- Mar 22, 2018 -

The cutter can be cut with 45 degrees or polygons. It is suitable for cross stitch frame, oil frame, wood bar and so on.

The table is used and the planer grinding machine, grinding, others is not processed, the uneven surface, deformation, it will cause the frame cutting surface is not flat, not unified, fight angle close joint design, we can solve this problem. The two side is aluminum alloy, and its advantages are thick and straight, so that the cutting angle of the frame strip will not be different. There is a size on the side, which is convenient for you to measure the size of the frame and the high efficiency. This design is more humanized and practical. The feature of the limit block of this machine: the aluminum alloy, with the frame contact at 45 degrees, does not scratch the frame cut when it is in contact with the cut frame cut. If it is not aluminum alloy or 45 degree, it is possible to scratch the incisive incision, which leads to the unsmoothed incision and the stitching of the angle.

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