Semi Automatic Bandsaw

Semi Automatic Bandsaw

semi automatic bandsaw
Vertical band sawing machine
Base movable
Hydraulic feeding
Reasonable work bench

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Product Details

base movable vertical band sawing machine G5430

semi automatic bandsaw technical parameters:

base movable vertical band sawing machine G5430

Cutting ability

throat depth 300mm   height 300mm

Saw belt specifications


Main motor power

2.2KW  380V   50HZ

Saw belt guidance

Pre-guidance rolling bearing
Accurate guidance alloy block

Main transmission mode

Worm gear reducer

Saw belt velocity

50-150m/min, 200-500m/min  
stepless speed regulation

Countertop height

918mm high from the bottom of the machine


Properties of semi automatic bandsaw:

1. Vertical band sawing machine is the necessary experimental machinery for industrial development.

2. General metal cutting, once the blade touch the workpice, it can be cut off, such as variable shapes inside or outside of straight line and waveform material.

3. Angle cutting, no matter for steel, alloy, plastic, wood and cloth etc.

4. Choose a suitable saw edge can achieve a high efficiency.

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