Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

​Custom vertical band saw machine
Double bimetal band saw blades
Meet special cutting requirements

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Product Details

This is one of our special customized metal cutting band sawing machine. We have designed many different kinds of metal working band saws, including horizontal band sawing machine and vertical band saw machines, also angle cutting band saws and cnc large sized band sawing machines.

Our customized three-blades band sawing machine special used for cutting automobile manifold exhaust has won national patent. And we have manufactured custom band sawing machines for cutting automobile connecting rod, train middle pull rod and piston aluminum risers etc. 

We are professional and we have rich experience in manufacturing custom band sawing machines. We have produced horizontal double saw and vertical double saw. 

This vertical band saw is used for cutting aluminum alloy doors and windows. With two bimetal band saw blades, it can be easily to cut the material between the aluminum and achieve high efficiency.

worktable of vertical band saw.jpg wooden case.jpg

The products will be packed in fumigation free wooden case and will be safe enough to reach our customer.

If you have special materials and special cutting requirements, don't hesitate to contact us and we will give you technical scheme in time.

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