Metal Cutting Saw Machine

Special customized
The saw belt is parallel to the workpiece
Suitable for thin slice cutting
High efficiency
energy conservation

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metal cutting saw machine

metal cutting saw machine technical parameters:

1. Cutting ability:  width 1300mm(max)

2. Effective stroke: 6000mm

3. Saw frame rise and fall stroke: 750mm

4. Saw belt specifications: 27×0.9mm

5. Main motor: 3.0KW,380V,50Hz

6. Feed method: manual

7. Saw belt speed: 100~500 frequency speed regulation

Property and application of metal cutting saw machine:

1. Hydraulic cylinder push workbench move front and back, hydraulic vice clamping, and linear guide to achieve cutting.

2. Saw frame rise and fall to adjust the position of cutting, double column guide and hydraulic cylinder push the movement of the saw frame. High precision, stable and reliable.

3. Cnc color touch screen, easy operation.

4. Equipped with hand pressure injection pump, linear rail slide block centralized lubrication, easy maintenance, prolong the service life of the slide block.

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