Metal Bandaw

Metal Bandaw

Three-blades metal cutting bandsaw
Special customized, new appearance
Used for cutting automobile exhaust manifold

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Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. provides different models of metal cutting band sawing machine, such as horizontal bandsaw, vertical bandsaw machine, angle cutting bandsaw and cnc band sawing machine etc. 

metal bandsaw for cutting ball rod.jpg

bouble noses bandsaw.jpg

And we can make special bandsaw according to your requirement, and we actually had made a lot of special used band sawing machines. We manufactured two-blades band saw for cutting ball rod, sawing replace milling with high precision. We produced super large vertical bandsaw, double noses band saw machine and gantry structure cnc miter cutting machine etc. 

three blades  metal  bandsaw.jpg   three blades bandsaw.JPG

This is a customized band sawing machine for cutting automobile exhaust manifold. Nanyang is a large economic zone for producing automobile accessories, and we have signed technical agreement and sale contracts with two biggest companies there, one is Nanyang Feilong, the other is Xipai. They have great demands for our metal cutting bandsaw, specially used for their automobile accessories. For now, they had ordered 50 sets of our products after a trial. 

Give us your sincere trust, we will give a perfect metal bandsaw.

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